Less than a week after the fatal tiger mauling at the SF Zoo, much of the news that has (slowly) unraveled from the Christmas Day tiger attacks has been disheartening. From the downplayed info about the too-short tiger pen fence, conflicting evidence that the three boys taunted the Siberian tiger just before the attack, and that emergency protocol wasn't followed by SF Zoo employees, there are more chin-scratching facts to add to the list. Take, for example, the lack of concern the two brothers felt for their dead friend, Carlos. According to a law enforcement source, as the brothers were being transported from the zoo to the hospital, "one brother told the other not to talk to anyone." The source went on to say that "they were more concerned with their car in the parking lot and that it would be okay." (Sure, people have different reactions in time of grief, but still: Ouch.)

In more news, 911 tapes were released on Friday. According to SF Examiner:

Emergency personnel were first notified at 5:08 p.m. when a Terrace Café employee called 911 saying an "agitated man is claiming he was bitten by an animal," according to the transcript.

The two brothers attacked were initially considered mentally unstable by zoo personnel and "making something up" about a tiger biting one of them, the transcript says.

The transcript depicts a scene quickly descending into fear when at 5:11 p.m. the transcript read, "The tiger is out of the gate and they are locking up the zoo."