We went to see Walk Hard yesterday and we actually saw some homeless guy with a backpack walk into the movie, go to the very back of the theater, and sit himself down. Good to see all that money he was given went to a good cause.

49ers 21 Bucs 19- Woohooo! Two games in a row! Shaun Hill! Shaun Hill! Shaun Hill! Screw Alex Smith! Lest we get ahead of ourselves, we should point out that it was obvious that the Bucs main goal in the game was to not get anyone injured so Hill basically played a team mainly consisting of backups and starters who were half-assing it. We should also point out that the Niners won a bunch of games last year at the end of the season, raising everyone's hopes, only to have another season go quickly go down the drain. It's obvious that the team hasn't quit and Mike Nolan has definitely saved his job, but nobody should read that much into this. Next week should be a much bigger test as the Niners go into the Dawg Pound to play a very good Cleveland team that needs a victory to make the playoffs.

Jaguars 49 Raiders 11- Remember what we said about how the Raiders were spoilers one week, than lousy the next? Well, they weren’t just lousy yesterday; they were the very definition of suck-ass, getting blown out by the Jaguars. The big story, though, was the eventual playing of JaMarcus. He wasn't very good, however, throwing for three interceptions and only 83 yards, but the Jags, who are probably the third best team in the NFL, were so geeked up we don't even think the benighted Kenny Stabler would have done much. Also remember what we said about the NFL allowing TV stations to switch away if the local team is in a blowout? If one team is so ahead that it’s starting its backup QB somewhere in the third period, viewers should be allowed another choice of games to watch.