-- Unsilent Night: New York-based composer Phil Kline’s holiday concert creates "an outdoor ambient music piece for an infinite number of boomboxes. It’s like a Christmas caroling party except that [you] don’t sing, but rather carry the music, each [member] playing a separate track that is a "voice" in the piece. In effect, we become a city-block-long sound system" So ... there you have it. Tapes and CDs will be handed out to participants. Merry holidays, yo.

Starts tonight at 6:45 p.m. at Dolores Park (at the corner of 18th/Dolores Streets); free.

-- Veronica Klaus' Blue Holiday: Bay Area's own award-winning R&B/cabaret chanteuse joins Josh Klipp, Luke Klipp, and (the melancholically sublime and spot-on) Joshua Bley for an evening of soul and soul-searching tunes.

Starts at 9:30 p.m. at Cafe Du Nord; $16.

-- Can't Stop the Music: Well, this piece of crap film about the Village People almost did. But it has since aged into a fine piece of saccharine entertainment -- "camp," as our forefathers call it -- so be sure to check out this disco-era swan song. Original Village Person Randy Jones makes a special guest appearance/performance. And another added bonus? A young Steve Gutenberg "rollerskating down the streets of New York, dancing to his transistor radio and wearing his corduroy OP shorts." Oh my, indeed. Marc Huestis sure knows how to pick them, doesn't he?

Screens at 7:30 p.m. at the Castro Theatre; $27.50.