But hey, this is 511 we're talking about! The most competent information service since Larry, Moe, and Curly's ill-fated map-selling venture! Maybe this new Embarcadero-based "InTransit Kiosk" is actually useful. Have you run into it? Have you used it? Is it, you know, ? We can't help but notice that in the attached press photo, the screen is telling visitors to "visit 511.org for more info," rather than asking the kiosk staff who are standing INCHES AWAY.

But go check it out for us if you have a chance -- it's apparently located in a "mezzanine," which we think is Italian for "operating room." The booth is staffed with friendly helpers from 7am to 7pm on weekdays (because nobody ever needs transit help at night, or on the weekend). Better yet: stop by for a free pin! While supplies last! We tried to find a number for the kiosk so we could call and ask if they still had any pins left; but shockingly, 511 was unable to provide us with that information.