More intriguingly, though, you may remember that the feds also raided Ed's buddy Robert Chan's house (though he was referred to by the mellifluous name "Co-Conspirator No. 1" at the time). Not only did they find $20,000 (in $100 bills) at Chan's house, but also a box of hollow-point ammunition bullets. Chan's attorney says that the bullets are "of no consequence" to the investigation. Well, sure, we'd say that too if our client had a box of hollow-point bullets readily available!

Oh, and one last thing! So it turns out the only reason why the feds raided Ed's house? It turns out Ed noticed he kept being followed by cars and called the SFPD to ask if they could run the plates -- at which point the SFPD alerted the FBI, who decided they had to move. That is so bad spy movie! It reminds us of that Simpsons episode where Marge says "I think we're being spied on!" and then a van pulls away from their house and another pulls up, labeled "Flowers By Irene."

Picture of hollow-point ammo.