When Francis Ford Coppola isn't looking lovingly over his cineaste dynastic family, running a cafe, publishing fiction, or distilling making wine [sorry! we're not a vintner!], we understand that sometimes he makes movies too. Where does that guy find the time??

Anyways, for those of you who either admire multitasking or great American cinema, Francis Ford Coppola will be speaking this Saturday after the 7:20 screening of his new movie, at the Sundance Kabuki. YWY apparently creates a complicated plot involving a linguist, the nature of consciousness, trippy imagery, possible time travel, Nazis, and a great romance, such that even FFC says it'd probably be better for you to talk to him after you see the movie to try and figure it out.

Talk to Francis Ford Coppola? What a chance! Take him up on his offer! Can you refuse? (Extra bonus: maybe you'll get yourself cast in the next Sofia Coppola movie too! Or get a job at a North Beach cafe. Or meet Nicolas Cage's son Kal-El. Or get your short story optioned by Zoetrope. Or hear the band Coconut Records. Or sip some sparkling wine with a straw....)

Picture of Sofia Coppola with her father.

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