Perry Kucinich, the brother of Democratic Prez candidate Dennis Kucinich, has been found dead according CBS 5. His other brother, Larry, found 52-year-old Perry at his Cleveland home at around 9 a.m. this morning. Reports claims that there were "no signs of foul play."

Trying to scrounge up some info on Perry, we came across this interesting Esquire article from November about said deceased brother and a bank robbery. Something or other having to do with Cleveland Trust Bank back in 1978. It seems that "Cleveland Trust made good on their ultimatum and refused to extend the city credit on $14 million worth of short-term notes" at the time. Or something like that. So:

On December 18, 1978, Mayor Kucinich, surrounded by the media, strode from City Hall to the main branch of Cleveland Trust downtown and withdrew his paltry life savings in protest. And because it was Cleveland, on the very same day, blocks away, his youngest brother, Perry Kucinich, robbed a different bank. Perry wasn't really a criminal; he was literally insane. But it sure looked bad for Dennis. [via Esquire]