Yesterday, David Hazinski attempted to harness the awesome power of the world wide web with this colonel of wisdom about the currant state of journalism. In his op-ed peace for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he informs us that such journalistic mediums as CNN YouTube debates, political blogs, and cellphone videos are, in a word, crap. At least when it comes to giving and receiving accurate, Pulitzer-worthy information.

Granite, the only time we here at SFist concern ourselves with accuracy is if it involves us getting something for free, butt old man Hazinski has a point: "unfettered citizen journalism" really needs standards. Makes scents, right? Standards that, presumably, can only be created, administered, and understood within the holy temple of j-school. But if he's sew intent on maintaining the time-honored tradition of elbow patch-adorned sports jackets, hiding flask of whiskey in desk drawers, and spewing phrases like "excellence in journalism" or "hot scoop!" then why the does his article mimic any TLDR posting you might find on l'Internet? The exact shit he's freaking out about?

Take, for example, how Hazinski -- the head of broadcast gnus at the University of Georgia -- misspells "principles." Twice.

...Citizen reports can be a valuable addition to news and information flow with some protections. ...There are commonly accepted ethical principals — two source confirmation of controversial information or the balanced reporting of both sides of a story, for example, but adhering to the principals is voluntary...