Bon voyag-ee, Cosco Busan! And don't come back! The leaky Cosco Busan ship that contaminated our beautiful bay with oil is expected to get clearance to get the heck outta Frisco, setting sail at noon today to head back to South Korea.

We kind of have this vision of the ship disconsolately listing off into the sunset, leaving a trail of oil behind it, like when Wile E. Coyote hits something and walks off screen in the shape of an accordian, making wheezy accordian-like noises. (don't worry, this won't actually happen -- the ship's had all the oil drained out and the hole's been patched up.)

The Cosco is leaving, but the lawsuits continue -- two suits have been filed against the ship and the company, and two cases are proceeding against Captain Cota, the guy who let the ship run into the Bay Bridge in the first place.

See ya, Cosco Busan -- don't let the door hit you on the stern on the way out. No, really -- don't let the door hit you on the stern on the way out.

Update!: SFist Jim passes along the following link where you can watch the Busan leaving. It's being accompanied by two tugs, like a dude who's passed out from drinking too much who needs two buddies to drag his sorry self home.

Second Update!: Looks like the Cosco's not going anywhere today! Thanks, SFist Tips tipster! (We call it the Costco Busan too!)

Picture of the Cosco Busan from KCBS.