We lucked out this time, but it got us thinking, What would we do if there is a next time we find ourselves out of our abode with no keys, [update] no money, no phone, no coat, and a few hours to kill until someone showed up to rescue our sorry butts?

Our boring list is below, in order of plausibility. We're hoping some people out there might have better suggestions.

1. Head to the library or the nearest bookstore and read for a few hours.
2. Wander around the city aimlessly -- last night was somewhat bearable without a coat.
3. Window shop/people watch at the mall. Union Square would be good this time of year.
4. Find some art openings. First Thursdays would be the ideal time to get locked out -- you'll be set!
5. Pretend you're a student and crash a lecture.
6. Stand in the aisles of Blockbuster or Hollywood Video and watch whatever movie's playing all night, which would really creep them out.
7. Sneak onto Muni and ride around for a few hours.
8. Hang out at a bar and act slutty in order to get drinks bought for you.
9. Find some pennies and make a peace sign on the sidewalk.
10. Find a cardboard box and take a nap, or do some breakdancing if you can't sleep.