The Mayor shot down the legislation. saying that "legalization of prostitution would be a terrible mistake," because of...bad stuff happening around security gates, or security cameras, or something like that. He does mention that reducing police concentration on tricking would "further the prospects that that will continue." A valid possibility. But Jake McGoldrick's argument claims just the opposite will happens. Another valid possibility.

Obviously it's a complicated issue (with sexy results!) Overly complicated City Hall politicking aside, we're not exactly sure why Newsom isn't down for a reduced police effort when it comes to ho'ing; it's not going anywhere anytime soon. But ultimately, being soft on whoredom doesn't look good on the Gav's record. In case, you know, he has plans for any future campaigning outside the left-leaning Bay Area. Hard, as always, is always best when it comes to any sexually-laced issue. [rimshot]

(Oh, and speaking of the Examiner article cited above, did you know that there's a Middle Polk neighborhood? You did? Well, we didn't.)