Former SFist editor Jackson West boasts that at the "last sample sale [he] came away with five hats for forty bucks." You don't get better testimonial than that, folks. Also, heads just look adorable in hats -- more so than you would think. Sure, those of you who suffer from extreme ovalarity of the visage might want to re-think the chapeau as a fashion statement. But for most of us, the hat not only frames the face with aplomb, it also keep you toasty during the glacial winter months. Burr.

So, check out The Bold Hat Makers' sample sale this Saturday and Sunday. In addition to hats, they will be chock full of knits, bags, accessories, and more.

What: The Bold Hat Makers' Sample Sale
When, Saturday, December 15; Sunday, December 16
Time: 9am-5pm (Sat), 9am-3am (Sun)
Where: Goorin Bros, 1269 Howard