The commission that said no to the Panhandle Bandshell a while back, has just said yes to Segways in Golden Gate Park. Enjoy the Channel 7 video but try not to chuckle at the part that goes, "officials say the Segway's top speed of 12.5 miles per hour is slower than most joggers." (Of course "most joggers" in the park go much slower than 12.5 mph, but oh well.)

This new rule allowing access to the park should be great news for people like the infamous stroller-pushing Segway Mom. They see me rollin'...they hatin', indeed. Look for more celebrities like Amy Tan and Steve Wozniak to be turkey fleeing, book shopping and injury avoiding on Segways. (Yes, that is our spry President George Bush taking a tumble.)

And speaking of injuries, check out this compilation video and also see how you can break three ribs here. If only we were all as skilled as these people. See you out there on your Segway PT!