Carole Migden's girlfriend (OK then, "wife?" We refuse to use the sterile and patronizing "partner") Cris Arguedas, it seems, now must deal with yet another San Francisco diva: Barry Bonds. According to the Sacto Bee, the letter "h" eschewing lawyer "joined the defense team of baseball star Barry Bonds last week, as the long-time Sam Francisco Giant pleaded not guilty to charges of perjury." Arguedas is now part of a high-profile team that will (probably) get Bonds off the hook. (Because you just know he's not spending a second in the clink. At least not in our lifetime.)

Although, according to the Chronicle:

Arguedas briefly represented former U.S. sprint champion Tim Montgomery, who also testified before the grand jury that investigated BALCO. Montgomery told the grand jury that he had used banned drugs and also testified that he had been told by Victor Conte, BALCO's founder, that Bonds was using drugs from BALCO as well.

Experts said it was possible that a conflict could arise for Arguedas if Montgomery became a government witness against Bonds.

Still, this is quite joyous -- the power couple of the year, perhaps? And between tonight's Milk club endorsement and Arguedas' Bonds trial, this could very well be the first time in history that we've wanted to share a bed with two ladies-who-like-ladies types. If only to hear what they have to discuss.