But seriously, folks: the two-term city councilman smells treachery afoot. And with good reason. According to the Chronicle, it seems that "the vote count included at least one discarded ballot and improper supervision of the hand recount. The recount showed Davis finishing with 5,718 votes to Cloutier's 5,716." And CBS 5 bring up Patrick Farrell, a Vallejo resident and recount witness, who claims that during the recount "[b]allots were all over the place, on the floor, on tables, people were grabbing them from each other."

And both sides seem to be get more heated and frustrated by the day. ("He ain't nothing but a sore loser," a heckler cried out during Cloutier's news conference.) But we must admit that, seeing as how two counts resulted in to different results, a third recount seems more than necessary.