But that's the entire point! Anyway, RicardoSF tells us in the comments section here that:

In January's issue of The Advocate in the Rants & Raves section -- unavailable online --

-- Openly gay Vallejo, CA, Mayor Gary Cloutier, when asked at a Vallejo religious forum if he would support an event like San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair, October 20.

Seesh. Not every party can be the White party, butch. (He must be one of those homos who complain about gays always thinking he's straight, just how much he doesn't get the whole Judy Garland thing, and self--promoting like that. Still, we have to agree with him on some level: we don't care that much for the FSF. But that's because of its pungent crowd and blistering sunlight.

But disgusted? Not so much.

"I think what goes on at that fair is pretty disgusting. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you support the Folsom Street Fair or go there. I don't."