O! What we wouldn't give to attend this press screening in Washington DC tomorrow!

DCist has the pleasure of reporting on the anti-invert, pro-missionary sex group called Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). Tomorrow they will unveil "raw and unedited" footage that they shot during this year's Folsom Street Fair for the National Press Club. "Raw" footage, you say? Oh my.

You may remember that there was a scant bit of controversy due to Folsom Street Fair's slap-and-tickle poster hilarity this past year, and this AFTAH wants the world to know about it. Plus, they plan on demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apologize for our sins, or release yet another deadly virus on the gays, or something wildly inane like that. We're not exactly sure; hateful groups like this tend to make little to no sense when they disguise or frame vile bile. But goddamn, do we love us some crazies.

Our sister said it best that "[t]his is clearly going to be the best opportunity all year to watch gay porno in public without ponying up for a membership at the Crew Club. Who's bringing drinks?" Damn, if we were there, we would so bring the Zimas. Alas.

In the meantime, we will cross our fingers that the film makes its way over here sometime soon!