Heidi walked on to the runway wearing Uhura's "Star Trek" uniform--seriously--and told the designers they weren't going to need their models for this week's challenge. Ru-roh! She then sent them all to 10 Rockefeller Plaza where they met Tim Gunn who introduced them all to Tiki Barber.

Wait. Who?

Tim went on the explain to all the gays and girls that Mr. Barber once played football for the New York Giants, and is now a correspondent on NBC's "Today" show. And he likes clothes. So his appearance on the show has nothing to do with the fact that he's on an NBC TV show, and NBC also owns the Bravo network, and he'll then go on the "Today" show wearing the winning outfit therefore promoting "Project Runway." No, it has to do with the fact that he likes fashion, enjoys wearing pink, and has a big neck and giant ass. (His words, people, not ours!)