We swear, this guy is one step away from strapping road flares to his chest.

Now, it's increasingly difficult for us to explain the conceptual art that is Michael Savage's work. Its genius lies in its demented complexity. But according to Bay City News (via CBS 5), Savage recently "sued the Council on American-Islamic Relations in federal court in San Francisco Monday over the group's use of his words on its Web site." Apparently, they used one of his many hateful yet poetic and loud crazy-man diatribes about Islam on their site. Savage says he was taken out of context, but Ibrahim Hooper, an American-Islamic Relations spokesman, said that the his lawsuit "seems to be a legal and rhetorical rant" (heh) as well as "one of the most vicious attacks on the faith of Islam that I've heard in more than 20 years of anti-discrimination work."

Well, we really don't know what to say about Savage's fit about how others should use his words (especially since his own critical thinking skills are famously dull.) Except: oh you, Michael. You just go on keeping it real. Mighty real. Mighty crazy real.

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