Although the T-Mobile store on Third and Market streets failed to make the list -- they're (allegedly) rampant fibbers over there, people! -- be sure to read Gridskipper's spot-on and delightful San Francisco Bad Service Board Game. They map out the top six as follows:

6. 24th Street Cheese Company ("woman behind the counter is the fucking cheese nazi")

5. Radio Shack on 16th and Potrero (In a city full of tech geeks, we feel sympathetic for these guys.)

4. Bubble Lounge (asshole bouncers, Von Dutch-y clientele)

3. Harrison Bonini Fastening Hardware (They "raise bad service to a high art" via screws, or something like that.)

2. New World Market (Something about "bourgeois counter-revolutionary principles and proletariat struggle." Oh my.)

1. be fair, you'll have to visit Gridskipper to see what the number-one spot is.

Ta-da. Anymore other establishments that need honorable mentions? Do tell.