Oh this is a smashing idea.

Jennifer Gooch's site One Cold Hand reunites missing single gloves with their owners. Yay! Since her site opened in March of this year, her finds have spiked considerably since winter began last month. And so has her press coverage: the New York Times, USA Today, and the Associated Press, to name just a few, have all picked up on OCH so far. The AP article notes that Gooch's first glove was "was a moist, lambskin glove that someone had propped up on a ledge on campus." (We're not exactly sure why, but: ew.)

Although not many of her found gloves have reunited with their other halves, Jennifer says that "[i]t's kind of whimsical and bittersweet ... it makes you feel there's this opportunity for benevolence." Well then, That said, it should come as no surprise to you that the Gooch is also a graduate student in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Art.

Sadly, her site -- which wonderfully breaks down single, lost gloves into categories like "leather," "left," "mixed materials," "ambidextrous," "synthetic," and so on -- isn't available in SF or the Bay Area. Not sure we're the glove-wearing kind of city that is Pittsburgh, but still, we personally lose several pairs of gloves during the winter season. Something like this would be nice to have around these parts. Alas. (Look at that, it is bittersweet!)