Your Black Muslim Bakery -- the prominent and notorious Oakland setting featured in many a Chauncey Bailey story -- will probably be sold today to Vital Life Services, a nondenominational "nonprofit serving people living with HIV/AIDS and other critical illnesses," founded in 1987.

The high bidder NCK LLC, a limited liability corporation, plans on buying the space, then turning it over to VLS. (Aw.) The property was also sought after by several other interested buyers, such as East Oakland deli proprietor Won Chul Lee, and Paulette Arbuckle, a "longtime resident of the neighborhood near the bakery."

According to the Oakland Tribune, the bakery "spun out of control during [the Bey family] turmoil, leading Yusuf Bey IV to file for Chapter 11 protection late last year." Today's hearing on the controversial baked-goods-and-so-much-more establishment will rule on the purchase of the "troubled property," most likely going to VLS in the end. (Goodbye, tofu burgers and fish sandwiches! We hardly knew ye.)