By day he's an Alight Electric employee. By night? A Ford F-350 Super Duty hero. It seems that last night on the Golden Gate Bridge, John Beatty of Mill Valley saved the day, so to speak, after noticing a woman unconscious in her Jeep, moving into oncoming traffic. At around 6:50 p.m., Sylvia Durrance, 62, came to a stop while driving southbound in the No. 2 lane. She appeared lifeless, her body slumped over the steering wheel. Driving behind her in the No. 2 lane was John Beatty. He noticed Durrance's Jeep creeping into the No. 1 lane, heading into northbound traffic.

Oh noes! Won't someone save her?

Instead of passing her, like so many other vehicles were doing, Beatty saw the possible head-on collision waiting to happen -- an accident that could've resulted in a multi-car pile-up and possible fatalities. Jumping into action, he used his massive one-ton truck power to gently navigate the older woman's Jeep into safety. According to Inside Bay Area, "Beatty quickly passed the Jeep on the right and got in front of it, letting the Jeep strike his company's one-ton Ford F-350 Super Duty utility truck." Beatty went on to say that he was "moving too, so [he] was able to time it so the impact was very minor...I just slowly guided the Jeep to the curb near the toll plaza. The pressure of the Jeep against my truck allowed me to guide it over."

So dramatic. Anyway, Golden Gate Bridge Manager Kary Witt, it seems, "applauded Beatty's response." (Applause? Boo! Give him a paid lifetime FasTrak and a Golden Gate Bridge snow globe of his choice!) Sadly, Sylvia Durrance died later that evening at California Pacific Medical Center. No word yet on the cause of death. But thankfully, Beatty helped prevent a situation that could've been worse. Much worse.