Let's face it, underneath all of our progressive thinking and alleged altruism, we're a vain city. Thank God. After all, we are Californians nestled in a land of impossible waistlines and beauty. That said, is the above image what the double decker buses will look like? (Minus the tasteful Las Vegas backdrop, of course.) Hmm, we really didn't think this through. We thought that we'd be seeing ever so charming red double decker buses climbing up the hills of SF, filled with people spouting out dry humor while having a spots of tea. "The Deuce" here is, well, pretty ugly. (As are these.) The above auto unit will be similar to tthe ones we will see. Very soon.

Needless to point out, we're worried. If any of you see a double decker bus chugging along, do take a shot and send it to us, won't you? They should be in operation any second now. Or something like that.