Today, Hate Hurts America (chortle) and the Interfaith Coalition announced that WalMart and AT&T either stopped advertising or now refuse to place ads on Michael Savage's "Savage Nation" program, joining a list of advertisers that have shunned the talk show host. (AutoZone, Citrix, TrustedID, JC Penney, and OfficeMax have also pulled their advertising.) Why? Because Michael Savage is a big ol;' meanie , crusher of warm fuzzies, and wisher of AIDS upon you sodomites. That's why.

But in a strange twist, WalMart's and AT&T's ad withdrawals have inadvertently rendered Sir Savage Nation a little less savage. A little more, dare we say, Green. Unwillingly, Savage has returned a wee bit closer to his left-leaning roots. He's proving to be the epitome of San Francisco by having limited corporate/big-box advertisers. Way to go, Savage! Dolores Park picnic together this Sunday? You bring the homeopathic meds and grass, we'll bring the organic pears and goat feta.