Regarding his Fazio-free residency case, Ed Jew's attorney Stuart Hanlon came to court minus one Mr. Jew today. According the SF Examiner, Hanlon told reporters that "Mr. Jew is not here today...he’s confident. He's working in his flower shop. He’s confident, I’m confident...[b]ut I need more time to get ready." This begs the questions, does he also have confidence in sunshine? Does he have confidence in rain?

Also, Ed's working at his flower shop now? Huh. Cool. And good for him. Although we do hope he's able to adequately water the begonia and gardenias during this frosty time of year. And a hundred gold stars goes to any SFist reader who manages to snap an image of the old Jewster putting together a lovely holiday-themed bouquet.

Image credit: Susan Atkins