"Yes, it's true what they say, every dog has his day"- the Kinks

49ers 37 Cardinals 31- Now, that's what we call a game: back and forth scoring, a last-minute drive followed by another last minute drive, a missed field goal, and then the winning touchdown on a fumble in the end zone. And that doesn't even accurately describe the last furious minutes of regulation time and the overtime. The Cards had a big play that should have won the game as the kicker made the kick, but it was called back by a delay of game penalty and the kicker missed the ensuing kick. That never happens. But the big deal, other than the win obviously, is that the Niners actually showed some offensive game. They did weird things like using a spread offense or crossing patterns and some guy we barely remember named Frank Gore was given the ball a whole bunch of times. That guy is good-- maybe the Niners should give him the ball more? How big of a deal was this game?

Raiders 20 Chiefs 17- Here's the other shocker of the day as the Raiders had a lead and actually held it. This despite the fact some dude on the Chiefs named Kolby Smith ran for 150 yards against the Raiders. The hero for the Raiders was Justin Fargas who ran for 139 yards. Fargas has become our favorite Raider mainly because of his name: Justin Fargas sounds like a name in some pulp fiction police story, like he's the hard-nosed police investigator who always skirts the law and we can just see some Police Sergeant banging his table and exclaiming loudly "Get me Fargas!" Anyways, this was the first Raiders victory in six games, their first win in 9 games against the Chiefs, and first in 17 tries against AFC West opponents.