Although we were much too busy with failed attempts at bit-part stardom to care about our civic duty this weekend -- a mistake we'll never make again -- we have read some interesting tidbits covering Saturday's Leno/Migden/some other candidate district 3 dance-off, or whatever. Ahem:

-- San Francisco Blog claims that "Senator Carole Migden...took the high road and chose not to engage in dirty politics." Well, that's no fun. And...skewed perhaps. Also, it seems Migden reapplied her lipstick several times during the debate.

-- According to LeftInSF, "The most awkward moment occurred at the end. To ensure fairness, Ms. Davis rotate who got to speak first. At the end, each candidate got 2 1/2 minutes to do their summary. She noted that Assemblymember Mark Leno was to go first. He stated that she was incorrect and State Senator Migden was to go first. Ms. Davis was very firm and repeated that it was his turn in the rotation to go first. Again, Leno objected and said that it was Senator Migden's turn to go first. Senator Migden used this opportunity to ask a show of hands if people thought that Leno was to go first. Ms. Davis was unyielding and Leno did his 2 1/2 minute closing statement." Now, now children.

-- KCBS notes "Leno told the crowd that he was not running for office as a personal attack on Migden." Of course not -- an open-handed slap to the face is so much easier and cost-effective.