The swell chaps over at Curbed SF have a poll going on about what to name the district that SFist brought to your attention yesterday. You need to vote, people! Rock it, as a matter of fact. Otherwise, TODO Magazine will get to christen each and every block of this city.

We like the name "Sweet Pea Place," but Curbed readers have suggested the following: "SOMISSPO," "The Potrission," "Mitrero," "The Submission," or "MIS-O-PO" as the choices. Visit them and take their poll, or let us know. You know, whatev.

Next up? That little strip of Second Street between Stillman and Harrison. And that bit of block where you find Flax and Martuni's. Name them. We simply won't rest until every bit on concrete is branded accordingly.

Image blatantly stolen from Curbed SF.