After paying up last year for disclosure violations, Senator Carole Migden is once again under investigation for not disclosing or itemizing credit card charges that total $397,000. According to the LA Times, she faces $60,000 in administrative fines if she's in breach, our Miss Migden has investigators looking all up in her credit card charging for over the past seven years. Yikes.

The main cause of concern for not keeping tidy books is that it could mean that money is being spent for personal, not campaign-related, use. Apparently, Migden's reports only list the amount spent and the name of the credit card company...and that's all. (Hey, she sounds better at managing her finances than us. But we digress.)

Oh, and the cattiest part of all, "[t]he Fair Political Practices Commission launched an investigation of Migden's expenses after receiving a formal complaint from Assemblyman Mark Leno...who is a candidate to unseat her in the June 2008 election." Oh, you two. Can't you hug it out over Grasshoppers at the Lex? Don't the gays and the dykes have an strained enough relationship as it is?

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