The secret room at AT&T's Folsom Street facility is in the news again. Staffers from the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation are in DC this week and next, trying to convince Congress that telecoms shouldn't be given retroactive immunity for their cooperation with the NSA's secret (and illegal? or illegal-ish?) wiretapping programs.

Picture%201.pngMark Klein, the AT&T technician who spotted the NSA's wiretapping room in the AT&T building and blew the whistle, is with the EFF crusaders in Washington, telling Congresspeople that the phone companies "committed a massive violation not only of the law but of the Constitution" (NY Times).

Our own Di-Fi disagrees, according to a story in the Chronicle today. She says the telecoms shouldn't be "dragged through the courts" when the Bush Administration is really to blame.

Hmm, well... Di-Fi and giant corporation on one side, crack team of dashing EFFers on the other... we say, "Go EFF!" (and "Hello, government surveillance types who are watching us right now").