San Francisco is really behind on the inane most-expensive food item trend. Serendipity-3, a restaurant in New York, just unveiled to the public (well, mainly for the benefit of Guinness World Records) the world's most expensive dessert.

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate was declared the most expensive dessert in the world on Wednesday by Guinness World Records. The dessert is a frozen, slushy mix of cocoas from 14 countries, milk and 5 grams of 24-carat gold topped with whip cream and shavings from a La Madeline au Truffle. It is served in a goblet with a band of gold decorated with 1 carat of diamonds and served with a golden spoon diners can take home.

We so call bullshit on this. A gold spoon? A diamond accent? The food product itself should be what's expensive, not its container or utensils. With that logic we could stick a McDonald's double cheeseburger inside of a Bentley Coupe and -- voilà! -- the world's most expensive cheeseburger! Shame on you, Guinness. Shame! (Also, dessert seems like the most overrated course in dining. Thoughts?)

To one up them, the Bay Area should have the world's most expensive...sprig, or something like that. Alice Waters could pluck it, gently shoo away any clinging dirt, and then feed it to you. That would bring in a few hundred at least.

photo credit: Reuters / Chip East