The west span of the Bay Bridge was struck this morning by a container ship, the Cosco Busan. According to the Chronicle, "Coast Guard officials said the incident was not serious enough to merit a bridge closure." Still, that looks like some serious damage.

A witness on the ship claims that the Cosco struck the second tower west of Yerba Buena Island, and says the the extent of the damage isn't known. If it collapses into the Bay, well, we guess we'll know. But seeing as how the Coast Guard has given the all-clear, we doubt that that will happen.

Also, some oil was reported to have come out of the ship after impact, but only for a brief period of time, according to ABC 7. The oil flow, though, has since been plugged up. And there are no reports of any injuries. So...yay. Except, of course, for the supposedly minor oil spill. We'll see.