1) Most of your work since we've known you has been Web and Graphic Design for corporations and small businesses, so what prompted the move over to the apparel, jewelry, etc? What's your balance between the two, and how are you managing it?

My design work stems from being an artist at heart. And, actually, I've been fortunate in these last five years out on my own to not only have corporate web and graphic design clients, but to also maintain a fairly consistent clientele for my custom illustration work, too. Which, I have to admit, is where my real passion lies. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to have my illustrations on products of all kinds, so launching the WilloToons shop has been really exciting for me. Plus, so much of the design work I do is online in the virtual world, and I really found myself longing to design something tangible that I could hand to someone and they can wear or give it to a friend.

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