A campaign was started to save it, complete with petitions, a Great Pub Toast, and proposed legislation from Aaron Peskin. But it was all to no avail.

In a city filled with mixed drinks and one-name clubs (where customers prefer appletinis and mojitos to brews), the Barylecorn was one of those lovely, cozy neighborhood bars that now disappear from the city. The bar was a throw back to an older era of San Francisco, one of Jack Kerouc, Herb Caen, and a time when the city was more blue-collar than hi-tech. Sadly, it will be missed.

Tonight, we'll hoist a few rounds in its honor while kicking it at Medjool's happy hour.

No, we're just joking. We've been there a few times since word came out that it was closing, and it didn't take us more than a few minutes to realize that, in fact, it was one of the nicest bars in which we've gotten smashed. And we've been in a lot of bars.