"A must for music lovers, musical comedy lovers, and in fact lovers of any sort," claims the Center for Sex & Culture about tonight's "Sex & Song". And, really, don't they deserve your love for one night? After all, they're trying to help you, um, love better. So head over to SOMA tonight for a show featuring some of your favorite sex-based music acts from around the Bay Area. Not only will there be titillating performances, but a post-show discussion centered around creating work based off the wonderful, simple act of sex.

Sound pretentious? Maybe. But when was the last time you talked about sex? It's awkward, but necessary.

First off, they have The Wet Spots, a musical sex comedy duo bordering on cabaret. Then, vaudevillian songstress Kitten on the Keys performs, followed by gender performance artist, Rodney Austin.

Sure, the burlesque revival is a bit much these days, but just because something is retro and dated doesn't mean you can't have a stiff drink or five and try having a good time while seeing old-time blue shtick. Goes from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Center for Sex & Culture; $20.

The Wet Spots image via Center for Sex & Culture