Some random effluvia from the weekend that was

-For whatever reason, one of the big issues with the 49ers right now is Mike Nolan. Not his coaching ability (though that is now open to debate) but for his sartorial splendor. After the break, Nolan decided to switch things not by changing much in the way of schemes but by growing a goatee, something every Star Trek fan knows, is a sure sign that he's turned evil. Then there's the suits that he keeps on sporting, all of which gives him the appearance that he is trying to show the world that he is, in effect, hot sh--. The thing is that it's easy to look like you're hot sh-- when your team is winning but a little silly to look like you're hot sh-- when you're team is fast falling on the suck-o-meter. We, of course, think this is all silly considering that the biggest badass in the NFL, Bill Belichik, dresses like he just rolled out bed after recovering from the previous night's bender, but at this point, it's much more to discuss that than the mess that is the, quote, unquote “offense”.

-The big play in Sunday's Raiders game was Kiffin deciding to go for it on a 4th and 1 situation on the Chief's 17 yard line with six minutes left in the second quarter. Kiffin, going against just about every rule out there, decided not to kick the field goal. The Raiders didn't make the play and wound up losing by two points. Obviously, if they kicked the field goal instead, the Raiders might have won the game as they lost by only one point (you can never know for sure because since every action causes a reaction, we have no idea what reaction the field goal would have caused-- it could have stopped Global Warming for all we know and if so, maybe he should have kicked the field goal?). We're kind of going with Kiffin here as once again, we're impressed by his cojones-- just call him "Long Balls Lane." This is football, gosh darnit-- the entire point of the game is to make a fourth and one. If you cannot do that, you don’t really deserve to win.

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