After yesterday's Raiders game in the McAfee Coliseum parking lot, a man was shot in the leg and groin (ye-ouch!) after a non-football related argument," according Alameda County Sheriff Dept. Sgt. J.D. Nelson.

Read more about stupid footballian fan behavior here.

(Okay, we only brought this up because we rarely have the chance to talk about football, or more to our point, the stellar show that is 49ers Press Pass With Mike Nolan. It is SO good! We started watching it because it takes over CW's Monday midnight time slot -- a spot our beloved King of Queens normally holds -- and now find ourselves totally impressed by this Mr. Nolan guy.

The show goes like this: each week the 49ers lose their ball matches, or whatever, and he has to stand before a gaggle of journos, explaining to them why the 49ers lost. Ugh, right? But he's really impressive at it. And we think he might punch someone real soon. Eeeps!

Also, associating with any journalist in a sober state is a harrowing and difficult experience, indeed. Here's to you, Mr. Nolan coach guy!)