Last weekend, while conducting mass, the Archbishop was giving communion when up came two people "wearing bizarre makeup and costumes, including one dressed in a parody of a nun's habit." Hmm…couldn’t that also describe the Pope? Anyways, the "offenders" in question, of course, were members of the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. So Archbishop George Niederauer gave them communion.

Fox News, of course, immediately hopped on it with noted windbag Bill O'Reilly leading the way, giving it the full "Talking Points" treatment. After listing our litany of past crimes, he claimed it was another display of us San Franciscans, or, as he calls us, "far left secular-progressives who despise the military, traditional values and religion" disrespecting religion. He then goes on to rail against Newsom and Nancy Pelosi for not coming out and condoning the behavior. He also mentions that Newsom keeps on being invited to "the Factor" but for some reason, refuses to go on the show. Meanwhile, emails have been sent to the Archdiocese complaining about it.

As for the Archbishop, the Archdiocese is using the old "confused old man" excuse and saying that he didn't know what to do when the two Sisters came up for communion. It has also been noted that he has made a series of "mistakes," mainly being pro-Gay and pro-child molestation. Meanwhile, a note has been sent to the Vatican about Archbishop's Niederauer actions in hopes the Vatican would remove him.

The Sisters, meanwhile, sent out a thank you note to the parish bulletin for being so hopsitable and open to them.