Hillary Mendelsohn is a gift-giving expert for Office Depot (hmmm.. how exactly do we get THAT job?) and the founder and president of thepurplebook: The Definitive Guide to Exceptional Online Shopping. So basically she gets paid cash monies to shop and tell about shopping. WE know, not nice to let you know on a Monday that such an awesome job even exists. But hey, Hilary is on your side. Read on for her tips for a guide to a happy Boss’s day for everyone.

Do you have to celebrate Boss's Day?
Boss’ Day provides a great way for you to show your appreciation. While a gift probably will not help in getting that promotion you’re up for, it is a personal reflection of you – so make it a good one. You do not need to spend a lot to make an impact.

How should one go about hinting that maybe “Worker's Day” (or “Underling’s Day”) should also be celebrated?
We all work hard and want to be appreciated. I recommend setting the example and the tone. If you appreciate someone else, then let them know. Giving a gift for National Boss’ Day is a thoughtful gesture to express your thanks and recognize your boss for all of the support and leadership. The right gift could also help you to stand out. So, giving a gift would only help you in the future.

What's the history of Boss's day?
National Boss' Day was created on October 16, 1958 as a way for employees to officially acknowledge and honor the hard work of their bosses and superiors nationwide.