Before last night's much more important Zombie Attack, there was some sort of mayoral debate at some bookish building. A debate consisting of Mayor Gavin Newsom, possible contender Quintin Mecke, and slew of other candidates who, more or less, sold their remaining integrity and ethics for a shot at "local personality" status. Well, congrats: you're all winners, then.

And seeing how there was a particularly good Inside Edition on last night, and 30 Rock was creeping right around the corner, we couldn't attend the self-consciously screwball, Mean Girls-esque tripe masquerading as civic troubleshooting. But still, a few points of interest:

-- Newsom was 90 five minutes late.
-- Mecke said "dialogue."
-- Halloween in SF was discussed. Sadly, none of it being the what-are-you-going-to-wear variety.
-- Zombies attacked.
-- H. Brown said, "Let's put cameras in the mayor's office."
-- 30 Rock was really good last night.

Image: Steve Rhodes