The Niners' attempt to build themselves some spiffy new digs took quite a twist recently as the plans were temporarily kiboshed after neighbors of the purposed new stadium, the Great America theme park, said they weren't quite cool with the idea of a football stadium being next door. Too many loud parties on Sunday and all the guests tend to be loud, drunk, and wear dorky jerseys. So rumors started up that the owners of Great America, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. of Sandusky, Ohio, might be down for the stadium if, and only if, the Niners buy the amusement park. Well, it turns out that it's true: Cedar Fair is willing to sell the park to the Yorks.

And the York's just might do it.

We have to admit this sounds all a bit crazy. We also have to admit to feeling a bit sorry for the Yorks as it's just one more thing on top of one more thing that they've had to go through in order to just build a damn stadium.

Apparently, Great America hasn't been doing so well. It was suspected that Cedar Fair was using all of this to get one of their non-cash cows off their hands. Or it could be a bargaining ploy so that the Niners will give them more than they've offered thus far.