Oh No, Chris Kavanaugh! Berkeley's own Ed Jew, a Green Party member of the Berkeley rent board who was actually living (and litigating with his landlord) in Oakland, pled not guilty to three charges of voter fraud, one charge of perjury, and one of grand theft (for taking a stipend from the Berkeley rent board) yesterday. Kavanaugh spent Friday night living in the Santa Rita jail before being released on $30,000 bond, and will report back to court on Oct. 26. Kavanaugh has reportedly told other board members that he lives in Berkeley but his girlfriend lives in Oakland.

...and on the positive side, three women were honored by the SFPD and FD yesterday as heroes for their quick actions during last year's SUV hit and run rampage. One woman ran into the street and dragged an injured man to safety before he could be hit by the SUV again, and the other two women, who were nurses on a lunch break, ran out to tend to the victims. Ohmeed Popal, the mentally ill driver of the SUV, is still awaiting trial.