Last week's winner, the San Jose Metro. Alas! They haven't updated their site for this week yet, and we didn't manage to snag a hard copy of the paper, so they'll have to forfeit in the Weekly of the Week contest for the week.

Next up, let's call it for the SF Weekly. Ephraim the Track Bike is back! And he mentions us! We love you, Ephraim the Track Bike! Did Ed Jew's people spearhead that ill-fated fizzled-out attempt to recall Aaron Peskin to try and distract people from the woes of Burlingame's finest? We kind of hope so! Cover article: Okay, this story about Barry Bonds's steroid use is fake. The anecdote about Bonds lactating from his steroid-enhanced breasts in the dugout is where we were like, "heeeeey, !" Embarrassingly, that's about halfway into the article before we figured it out. Also, the authors of the story ("Nic Foit and Ira Tes") anagrams to STEROID FANATIC IN. We don't know what to do with that last n and i, we're not very good with anagrams. That book about the fired ad exec who loves being a barista at Starbucks. Pauline's has better pizza than California Pizza Kitchen. Let's Get Killed explores classical music, like our Philistine!. And a breakdown of fake letters, by Dan Savage.

After the jump: The Bay Guardian (anagrams to NAIAD BRA GUY) and the East Bay Express (SEPARATES BY SEX), along with the Weekly of the Week and the YTD count.

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