We caught part of the big goings-ons last night at the ole ballyard and we have to say that it all looked a little underwhelming. It was kind of blah, flat-like, with none of the same vibe that one felt when Barry was chasing some sort of record. But then again, we switched away fairly quickly to catch "the Bionic Woman" (Starbuck!) so what do we know?

Anyways, we'd like to thank the Bay Area baseball representatives for taking part in some exciting pennant races and being so accommodating to the teams they played. The A's went to Cleveland and let them pour champagne all over themselves when they beat the A's to clinch. Then they rolled into the Fens and got rolled, letting the Sox not only clinch a playoff spot but added not one whit of drama to the Red Sox/Yanks race. This whole thing could have been rather dramatic, with Boston blowing one of the biggest leads in pennant race history and thus sinking an entire region into an angst not seen since Meg White woke up one morning to hear that somebody posted a sex tape online with someone who looked like her, but instead, the Sox beat the A's twice. So much for that fun.

Then there's the Giants. They could have could have driven the final stake into the Friar’s (baseball's most boringly good team-- sorry Basketball Chris) and thus pave the way for SFist's Official Favorite Playoff Contender, the Phils, to get in, but they choked that away. First there was that horrible, horrible three run home run they gave up in the ninth (dooming poor, poor Matt Cain yet again) two nights ago and then the shellacking they got last night.

Thanks for playing