We got word that 27,000 people made a reservation to attend this Friday's Opera at the Ballpark. 27,000! And there are still tickets left! Tonight is the last day to see Barry at AT&T park, but plenty of other divas, plenty of other big guys with supernatural powers will be on stage in the stadium this Friday, as the SF Opera presents Samson and Delilah on a giant High Def video screen with a live simulcast of the performance from inside the opera house.

Samson gets his strength from his lustrous hair, and if there is cream involved, it's a balm from the vidal-sassoon lab, nothing from balco. Well, Olga Borodina's voice is pretty creamy too. And if juiced baseball players have shriveled balls, Samson and Delilah offers a nice, if metaphorical, scene of castration. So reserve your seat, and get yourself to AT&T park on Friday. 27,000 plus! That's going to be quite a party.

Or you can go to the Philip Glass Wendy Sutter performance at Herbst theater. Oh, tough choice, tough choice.

Picture Terrence McCarthy/SF Opera