And what does The Arcade Fire sound like?

Figure that the group's music is like some sort of 10-person raucously ad-hoc mix-up of Neutral Milk Hotel, Slipknot, Springsteen's E Street Band, and The Coen Bros' shrieking songs of broken/renewed faith beneath their landlord's window with accordians, guitars, violins, and so many drums in the slow-falling Montreal snow at an inappropriate hour.

Got that? No? Then click here to listen to their work.

When the band cut into their last song of the evening, the anthemic Wake Up and the whole of the crowd filled the inside of that tent with their voices, the closest thing we could think of was church – back when we thought it still worked. There was that time-worn familiar feeling: voices rising together in the faith that a better day is possible as long as we fight for it.

The Arcade Fire want the best for you and your community, and they're trying as hard as they can.

* Photo courtesy of the astute Flickr user cygnoir.

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