We're back from our inadvertent hiatus -- here's hoping it's a less busy week for us at the day job and an even more busy week for Ed Jew news!

Fang qi means resign in Chinese, and that seems to be what everyone's calling for, with Gavin Newsom now, with "grim determination," trying to figure out how exactly to get Ed Jew out of office and pick someone else to fill the seat, now that Ed's been indicted for federal fraud (.pdf). Who will they get to rep District 4, though? We're pulling for Sunset resident and Chron online editor Eve Batey!

Also, Newsom's apparently a little irritated that Ed refused to resign when Newsom asked him to. C'mon, that trick worked so well for his department heads!

Meanwhile, Steve Gruel, one of Ed Jew's many lawyers, says if Ed is called to testify before the city Ethics Commission as part of misconduct proceedings, they're going to move for a restraining order, and he's going to tell Ed to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights. "It will be like putting him on trial with his hands tied behind his back and duct tape over his mouth," Gruel said. Rrrowr! Sounds like Ed'll need a safe word: might we suggest "Quickly"?

Picture from CBS 5.