Well, what was one of the biggest rumors in sports is now official-- Marcia did indeed get it on with Jan.

No, wait, not that.

In a matter of minutes, the Giants will officially announce that them and Barry are no more. Donezo. Kaput. Finito. This has been speculated on, well, pretty much the entire season but was discussed more and more in the past couple of weeks. And now it's true.

Naturally, everyone discovered this the old fashioned way, on Barry's blog. In it, he says that he had a meeting with Peter Magowan yesterday in which Peter said the Giants' wouldn't be bringing him back next year as the team wants to begin the oft-delayed and much necessary rebuilding process.

This weekend will be the Giants last home-stand of the season. While Barry hasn't played in awhile and has an owie on his big toe, we will probably see a lot of him this weekend. In fact, his departure will make this weekend Must See as it will be the last time we'll be able to see #25 in the oh-so-familiar home vanilla cream uniform step up to the plate. Expect lots of standing ovations, some tears, and probably a few video tributes. Say what you will about the dude, but for what he's done for the team over the years, he deserves it.