The new kits are part of an NHL-wide switch to Rbk's (nee Reebok, for you old timers who love vowels) Edge "uniform system". Compared to the old sweaters and pants, the new ones use some new fancy fabrics to absorb moisture and are more form-fitting. The result? Hockey players will now look like this.

Hope you like angular guitar bands from Scotland, hockey fans.

Many other teams have used the uniform supplier-switch to update their logos, colors, and sweater designs. Some successful, some decidedly, disturbingly not.

Most of the classic logos and sweaters are only minimally changed.

The Fishmonger Style Council grades the Sharks changes a tepid B, given the generally underwhelming results across the league of these redesigns. Cartoony logos don't age well, and the addition of orange is plain bewildering, especially considering the hated Anaheim Ducks switch to black and orange last year (although they comically updated their sweaters with a beauty-queen sash . The old-school horizontal striping is nice, however, and the modified logo is still kind of cool, even if it now looks like something the Aquabats might adopt.

By Ian, our hockey correspondent